Sanfte Geburt mit Hypnose (Gutschein – Gruppensitzung)

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Sanfte Geburt mit Hypnose (Gutschein – Gruppensitzung)


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Gentle birth with hypnosis (voucher – group session)

Birth preparation with hypnosis

Hypnosis can be a way to be more relaxed and painless before and at the moment of the future, or to reduce the feeling of pain. In our courses in small groups in Munich, participants learn to adjust to the birth, visualize and relax.

In the relaxed state, the feeling of pain, anxiety, etc. are reduced. The self-induced state of the trance can lead to a reduction in the administration of pain relievers, muscle relaxants and other medicines. Apart from their desired effect, these drugs naturally also have side effects that can affect the mother and child.

Detailed information on „Pregnancy with hypnosis“ can be found here.

Course content:

  • Exercise
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Relaxation exercise
  • Visualization
  • Anchoring of feelings
  • Etc

Mats, couches and beverages are provided, as well as one attendant per participant can attend the course.

Course fee: 390, – Euro
Max. Number of participants: 7
Duration: 4 Saturdays of 3 hours 10:00 to 13:00
Schedule: see course schedule
Age Limit: 18 years
Venue: Parents Centre on Women Dr. Geisenhofer, Kaulbachstraße 46, 80539 München
Note : Please book your participation online or call us at 089/41 61 22 46th
We ask for punctual appearance.

The course does not, of course, replace a physically supervised birth!

The method and the techniques of the course Gentle birth with hypnosis can neither provide a medically and anatomically accurate overview of pregnancy and birth, nor represent a medical consultation or procedure. The content of the course should and can not replace the advice of a doctor.

Persons who follow the guidance given in the course or in the documents do so on their own responsibility. The course leaders assume no responsibility or liability for possible complications that occur in connection with the pregnancy and childbirth concerned.

Name: Gentle birth with hypnosis (gift voucher, group session)

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